The LORD has given Naos House of Prayer a mandate to be a contending house of prayer.  As a contending house of prayer, we seek to advance the kingdom of God through fasting and prayer, and by exalting the name of Jesus high in worship, and through the bold proclamation of The Gospel of the Glory of Jesus Christ. We make war in the heavens through united worship, fasting, and prayer, so that the desires of God’s heart will be done on the earth. Each time we come to pray, whether for the Church, for Berkeley, or for the nations, we come with missional, purposeful, focused, united, and sober minds, knowing our weighty responsibility as priests and ambassadors of Christ in the earth and in the heavenlies, and knowing that we come before a holy and righteous King and Judge who is to be feared by all the earth. We also come with confidence, hope, faith, and joy knowing that the blood of Jesus Christ has made a way for us to come to the Father of Glory as His beloved adopted children, and as such, we have the unspeakable privilege and honor of praying with the heart of Our Father, to see His will done, and His name glorified in all the earth. So, our times of corporate prayer are joyful, sober, reverent, and passionate, filled with love, adoration and fear for our King Jesus. 

Whatever your background in worship, prayer, and intercession may be, we encourage you to come join us in beholding Jesus in His beauty and praying the things on His heart, which is found in His everlasting word--The Scripture.

Summer Hours

Corporate Worship & Prayer: Mon, Thurs, Fri, 7-9 PM (No Meeting Tues & Wed)


2239 Dwight Way

Berkeley, CA 94704

The door will be unlocked during corporate prayer meeting times, so please come right in and join the meeting. If the door happens to be locked, please, knock and someone will open it for you.