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Naos Academy is an intensive training and equipping base for Christians who are hungry for deeper intimacy with God, and who desire to grow in both sound biblical doctrine and practical Gospel ministry. Naos Academy is for Christians that desires to be effective spiritual soldiers of Christ, to fight along side The King, for His purposes and His desires and His will. Every Christian has the unfathomable privilege and joy of growing in intimate relationship with God, and every Christian has the glorious honor of serving Christ our King in everyday ministry to Him and then to those around us. “Gospel ministry” is not just for pastors, missionaries, or full-time “vocational ministers.” “Gospel ministry” is for every disciple of Jesus Christ. Every disciple of Jesus Christ is called to be a spiritual soldier, the question is: are we effective soldiers or are we slumbering soldiers? We are living in the "last days" according to the Scripture. Now, more than ever before, is the time to be awakened to the spiritual war at hand, and to destroy the works of the devil, and to advance the Lordship of Christ, through the Scripture, corporate fasting, contending intercession, and through bold proclamation of The Gospel of the Glory of Christ.





The vision of Naos Academy is to equip Christians to intimately know God personally and to serve King Jesus wherever the Lord has them, whether it be at home with family, with friends, at school, at work, at church, on the streets, etc. Our vision is to raise up mature, effective, spiritual soldiers of Christ, who destroy the kingdom of darkness and advance the Kingdom/Lordship of Christ in Berkeley, the Bay Area, and beyond into the nations. Now, more than ever, Christians must be prepared to stand firm in the truth of God, to know God according to God’s word, to fear God and to love of God on His terms. Now, more than ever, Christians must be prepared to fight the spiritual battles that are always raging everywhere, through the Scripture, prayer, fasting, intercession, and evangelism.





Classes are extensive and intensive--they will cover a variety of Biblical topics such as: The Knowledge of God, A Biblical Worldview, The Beatitudes: Christlikeness, The Doctrine of Scripture, basic Biblical hermeneutics, Gifts of the Spirit, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare, and Evangelism. There will also be practical, hands-on training and action, for students to practice and grow in the things that they are learning. In addition to teaching and training, another critical element to the Academy is relationship. The Academy is a place to be trained with like-minded peers and with the instructors. Each student at the Academy will be able to build relationships with fellow students and also with instructors.





The Academy is a yearly program, running the length of both the fall and spring semesters from September to May. Applications are done on a yearly basis. The Academy is not meant to conflict with other areas of service in both Christian or secular (work, university) settings, but rather to empower service in any context. All classes and training are meant to be a supplement to the Christian life. The Academy does not replace the need for personal development and private devotions with the Lord. It also does not replace the absolute necessity for the Christian to be plugged into a local church.








FALL 2019 & Spring 2020





Testimonies from Graduates of Naos Academy


"The Academy has shown me the primacy of intimacy with God. Through fellowshipping, praying, and learning with such devoted Christians, reading the Bible became exciting, praying became essential, and evangelism became a mandate. This is recommended for students who desire to desire God."

- Iljin


"Best thing I've spent my time doing in all my years at college. It didn't build my resume or get me ahead in my career, but I learned to cultivate a relationship with the one, true living God, which is truly the only eternally important thing."



"Attending the NAOS Academy has sprung my growth in my personal walk with Christ! Every week, I would leave Naos so inspired and motivated to read for myself the truths that were taught, and to seek the Lord in prayer. God definitely used the Academy to change my life by learning more about Himself. If you want to be strengthened in the knowledge of truth, exercise what's being taught in a solid and safe community, or get your hard questions answered, I strongly recommend attending the Academy!"

- Priscilla


If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go — go. If you’re near the fence, leaning towards not going — go. If you’re nowhere near the fence, trying your hardest not to go, but your friends keep nagging you — go. If you’re breathing — go. NAOS Academy is a place where you will be challenged in your faith and become stronger because of it. The messages presented compel you to think twice about what you think you know about God — His justice, His mercy, His grace, His goodness. As a result, you will walk away with of deeper understanding of actually who God is. You will be challenged not only by the content taught, but the people surrounding you. The people here are serious about God and God is serious about them. You will learn things that baffle you and even shock you, but once understood, these things will help you see, feel, and understand a God so mighty and majestic that will blow your mind again and again.

- Anita


I came into Academy not knowing a lot about God (or even what the gospel was really about), and as I learned more about who He is in the beatitudes and His attributes, I came out with a deeper understanding of the gospel and more love for Christ, as I came to know Him more. God used Academy to not only show me who He was but also draw me closer to Him in His Word and in prayer, give me some of His heart for intercession and evangelism, and challenge me to decrease, that He may increase. I would recommend anyone who is hungry for more of God to come to Academy, whether you know a lot about Him already or not~ It's a lot of fun, and you get to go so much deeper in knowing God! 

- Michelle


After each class (and during), having been provoked deep down to my heart and soul (and mind), my inner being would burn with desire to spend the rest of the afternoon with the Awesome Holy Loving Beautiful Worthy God of the universe. Each class was very Bible-saturated (very very), very Jesus exalting (very very), and very God  glorifying (very very). Teachings ranged from the wonderfully awesome Attributes of God to spiritual gifts to spiritual warfare and preparations for the same.  Having been pointed to my Savior in such a manner, I could not help but develop deeper affections that were somewhat a wonderful mix of love and fear of God. 
Also strongly emphasized was the critical nature of the word and prayer in the life of a christian. Oh how my weak nature needed this!

- Lilian