The Vision

Awakening and Reformation in the Church

NAOS House of Prayer has a desire to see the Body of Christ return to Biblical Christianity and walk in simple and pure devotion to Jesus. We believe the LORD wants to bring a reformation to His Church, bringing her back to the place of meditation and study of the Scripture, obedience to the word of God, prayer and intercession, a lifestyle of holiness, and the empowerment of His Holy Spirit to do the works that The LORD has called His Church to do until, or unto, He returns.

Revival in Berkeley, the Bay Area and Beyond

We are believing for God to bring a massive harvest of souls in Berkeley and our region: a new Jesus Movement where millions from the Bay Area, California and beyond hear the preaching of The Gospel of The Glory of Jesus Christ, come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, repent of their sins and joyfully surrender their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship/Training/Equipping of the Saints

We believe it is the LORD’s desire that each believer be thoroughly trained and equipped in every aspect of the faith and be taught how to live godly lifestyles of study of the Scripture, prayer, intimacy with the Lord, evangelism, and holiness. Every believer should have a deep and growing knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, be trained and active in Christ-centered prayer and intercession, be equipped in the gifts of the Spirit and have reliance upon His power to minister to the Church and to the world, to the end that each believer would glorify Christ wherever they are on the earth.

A Great Sending of Missionaries to the ends of the earth

As the church awakens and souls are brought into The Kingdom of God, we believe that a new missions movement will explode across the earth, thrusting forth laborers out of Berkeley into the hardest and darkest places and unreached people groups in the 1040 window and beyond. Out of reformation and revival, the cry for The Gospel of The Glory of Jesus Christ to be preached to every tribe, tongue and nation will once again erupt in the hearts of God’s people and a new student volunteer mission’s movement will arise.

The Return of Christ

The motivation behind every facet of our vision is for this purpose: to hasten the day when Jesus Christ will return and rule as King over all. The entirety of the Holy Spirit’s activity on earth and the heart motivation of His people can be summed up with the words of this passage of Scripture, “The Spirit and the Bride say come”(Revelation 22:17). We long to see Jesus return to the earth and have resolved to pray and labor with all our might, by His grace, to see His return in our lifetimes. This is our goal, our dream and the deepest desire of our hearts.

The Mission

24/7 Regional House of Prayer for All Nations

To see awakening and reformation in the Church and a mighty revival sweep through Berkeley and beyond, 24/7 worship and prayer must arise in the city of Berkeley. A house of prayer must be raised up that will contend against and disarm every demonic force and principality so that the gospel may go forth in the power. A resting place for His presence must be built where He is worshiped and exalted and His people are transformed by beholding His glory. For the church to walk in the fullness of her identity and fulfill her destiny, her designation in the eternal Word of God as a house of prayer for all nations must be realized on the earth.

Biblical and Christ-Centered Community

The Church is not just a mere institution, but the very family of God. As Scripture commands, the Church is to be a community of people devoted to the teaching of the word, to the breaking of bread, to deep, sincere and loving fellowship, and to praying together (Acts 2:42). It is in the place of a loving, covenant community that the saints are primarily to be taught the Scripture, grow up into all aspects of Christ, who is the head of Church, and build each other up in love. NAOS believes that sound biblical teaching, sound biblical doctrine, is absolutely and utterly necessary for the Body of Christ to value, seek, cherish, champion, and proclaim, in order to actually and truly be the Body of Christ. NAOS believes that as the Body of Christ returns to sound biblical doctrine, and obeys the commands of Scripture, the Church will once again explode with awakening and revival, produce mature disciples of Jesus Christ and harvest the lost, all to the glory of God alone.

Global Missions Base

NAOS seeks to establish a missions base in the city of Berkeley, from whence those who are saved and made disciples can be sent out to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom of Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth, hastening the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The missions base will train up and send out burning missionaries to plant houses of prayer/churches, preach The Gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit, make disciples of all nations and spread the fame and glory of Jesus Christ all across the earth so that He may have for Himself a people of every tribe, nation and tongue. When The Gospel of The Kingdom is preached to all the world, then the end shall come.